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CHAKRAS = energy centres

VINYASA KARAMA = sequential arrangement or practiced postures for specific result.


This is an invitation to learn to get to know your energetic body through a dynamic sequential arrangements of asanas (yoga postures) designed particularly to evoke and awaken the different vortex of energy located in central points of our body. 

In this workshop you will investigate the notion of chakras, their biological and physiological roles in our lives through invigorating movement and breath. The sequence add a physical challenge along therapeutic benefits and potency for balancing those energy centres. 

When postures are linked together with an intention they form a way to awaken consciousness, evolve and improve our well being. 

Saturday 27 October 2018
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
At The Well Bondi Beach
Exploring our chakras through vinyasa karma


What does relaxation really means? Relaxing in the Western world often translated into engaging in restful activities that does not required much effort from us, perhaps allowing us to switch off from our chores and daily demands. Stuff like reading, listening to music, chatting, watching TV/phone or having coffee to name just a few examples. These activities are used to escape from the mundane, but in fact these are all sensory diversions. True relaxation is an experience whereby the mind goes beyond all of that, it is rested yet still operates at a deepest level of awareness. The ultimate purpose of relocation is to unite with our inner being, running inwards and away from external stimulus.

In this workshop you will learn methods of inducing complete mental , physical and emotional relaxation. Through the profound techniques of yoga like Yoga Nidra (dynamic sleep) and Pranayama (breath administration) you will experience deep relaxation with inner awareness

Saturday 1st of December 2018
The Well Bondi Beach



This is a program offered for other therapists who work with children (e.g., speech therapists and occupational therapists) that would like to incorporate yoga into their offering. The program is ~12hrs of Yoga and Yoga Therapy principles and applications including practices that are suitable for children like yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation.

We also offer Yoga classes for Kids. The sessions can be private or in group of 2-3 kids. 

Would you be interested in this workshop? or booking a session for your kids?
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