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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

In this 5 weeks course you will explore the four principles of Mindfulness meditation compassionate practice. It will involve  theory and practical sessions of about 1.5 hours each.

Week 1 - what is Mindfulness

The power of mindfulness, 

The four aspects of practice

Some benefits of meditation

Mindfulness as a support for meeting the suffering of the world 


Week 2- Mindfulness of Body

Why we begin with mindfulness of body and breath, the importance of mindfulness of the body and how it supports our practice 

What mindfulness of the body reveals about change and impermanence,

How to work mindfully with pain and illness, impermanence, grief and loss


Week 3- Mindfulness of emotions

Part of being fully human is skillfully working with the highs and lows of life- how can we avoid identifying with feelings and emotions, respond rather than react and  apply self compassion when confronted with difficult emotions.


Week 4- Working with thoughts and beliefs 

We are not our thoughts

How does Mindfulness can help us navigate  through difficult thoughts and beliefs rather than trying to get rid of them  

How emotions feed thoughts 

How to shift limiting beliefs, unconscious and implicit bias, thoughts that cause suffering and thoughts that incline the mind toward wholesome states


Week 5- The Wise Heart

What are loving kindness (metta), compassion, joy, and equanimity?

How do we bring them into our lives?

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