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Drawing in sun energy

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

The concept of Sarvanga Sadhana (holistic practice which is inclusive of all 8 limbs of yoga, leading us into homeostasis state) comes from the understanding that we are made of many structures and influenced by a variety of aspects, including our direct connection between the self and the environment we live in. This concepts presents us with an opportunity to draw in energy from the different elements that makes us and the world around us to increase our own energy filed.

As we engage in yoga practice to shift and change our body, our mind, our breath as well as our patterns and behaviours we wish to better align our self give the mind and body a way to heal itself.

There are different ways and practices to work towards that alignment. One of the common yoga practices is relating to the sun. Sun is a source of life, its constantly making connection with us. The whole solar system depends on the sun. It is because of the sun's particular location and exact relation with earth that life is possible on our planet. Our body structure is based on it, pranic energy is essentially generated by the sun and without its warmth there is no life.

In order for us to evoke the sun energy and activate it in us, to give us warmth light and strength we must generate emotion or intention towards the sun so we can encourage it to move in our direction. The reason we want to activate the sun element in us is because of its warmth. Generating warmth has an essential part in promoting health in our systems (e.g. by producing energy and creating new cells)

Surya Namaskar/ Sun Salute (a sequence of yoga postures) is a practice that is designed to evoke the sun energy in us. It's traditionally practiced at sunrise as a way to greet the force of the sun and observe it so the energy and flow of the sun consciousness will salute back to us.

A beautiful chant that you can use to evoke the sun energy is the Surya mantra







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