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13 March 6:30PM With Martine & Lee at Dharmashala Bondi Yoga

Yin & Pins with Acupuncture Collective

Are you tired? Stressed? Experiencing tight muscles? Overthinking? or maybe just looking to find some balance? Time to reset and restore. Yin and Pins merges two of the most ancient Eastern modalities: Acupuncture and Yoga, both are vehicles to bring balance into your life and enhance your wellbeing  

This session will bring a sense of relaxation, which is equivalent to a mini holiday 

A time to let go of the stress and the strain and bring equanimity into your life  

The first hour will be a yin yoga practice followed by acupuncture

Balancing the Yin element  is essential to be able to relax muscles and joints,  strengthen immunity , mental clarity and overall vitality and health 

Balance your daily activities with the deep rest and nourishment that Yin & Pins offers

Bring your innate intelligence into play and assist in the process of self healing

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