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The truth is that all yoga is therapeutic. What Yoga Therapy does differently though is to desert the "one size fits all" approach and bring back the ancient healing wisdom of yoga to a "one-on-one" setting. It focuses on proper assessment of the individuals' needs or conditions and build a practice that suits them. The aim of this therapy is to enhance wellbeing and empower the client by granting them tools that help them live better with whatever conditions they have.

Yoga therapy today is recognised as another health care modality that involves using sound scientific and yogic principles. It complements other forms of health care and western medicine in general supporting therapeutic treatments for  

• anxiety and depression, addictions and trauma
• cancer
• nervous system disorders, such as, multiple sclerosis 
• bone diseases, such as, osteoporosis
• digestive issues, such as, IBS, colitis
• women’s health
• metabolic disorders, such as, diabetes, obesity 
• reproductive and urinary disorders, such as, menopause, PCOS
• auto-immune diseases, such as, rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Fatigue 
• lower back problems
• ankle and foot problems
• shoulder, elbow and wrist problems
• hip and knee joints, including hip replacements
• and many, many more health conditions

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Mama to three kids and teacher of yoga for the last decade, Lee is a second level (500hrs) Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a qualified Yoga Therapist with the Australia Association of Yoga Therapists. 

Lee's yoga journey started about 20 yrs ago and she has been practicing ever since, embracing different styles such as Tantric Hatha, Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy learning in Australia, India, Singapore and Israel.  

In the last decade  Lee recognised the need of providing a safe environment for people to practice yoga that caters for their own physical and mental needs. Knowing the yoga system is rich in applications that can assist with such needs, she chose to focus on Yoga Therapy where the assessment of the individual and the build of a customised yoga practice empowers the individual to experience yoga in a way that is nourishing and enriching one's life. Lee has been teaching in different settings: groups sessions, private classes, corporate sport club and kids therapy. 

She combines a variety of methodologies in her classes and therapy sessions. Together with the yoga asanas, pranayama, mudras, mantras and kriyas she incorporates practices like guided relaxation, meditation and mindfulness.


Lee's great interest in meditation and Vedic and Tantric philosophy led her to study the Vedas in depth over the past 6 years and this knowledge is very much present in her classes. 



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Lee's Influences

Sal Flynn

Mindfulness expert,

Psychotherapist and Yoga Therapist

Jeff Kober

 Vedic Meditation & Philosophy

Houda Lebbos  (former CHRO Smartgroup)

Lee worked with employees at all levels during her time with Smartgroup and ran regular classes as part of the well-being program, took monthly sessions at management offsite meetings and also held classes for specific teams as part of their team building / planning workshops.  Irrespective of the audience, Lee cleverly took the time to understand current driving factors and/or challenges the group faced and ensured her yoga teachings were tailored to address these to deliver relevant and highly engaging sessions.